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Sfriso Bella Vita Extra Dry

Sfriso Bella Vita Extra Dry

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Bella Vita is the sparkling wine to celebrate the beauty in our lives.

Bella Vita means a beautiful life, and that for us means a life of music, love, and exquisite flavors. Bella Vita is about having some fun, letting beauty in your heart, and setting yourself free from worries and stress. 

While life has thrown difficult years at us, we should not stop pursuing moments of pleasure and happiness. If we look closely, every day has something beautiful to offer. 

Bella Vita is a refreshing and soul-elevating sparkling wine that will reset your day and bring you a sense of freedom and beauty.

The best consumption occasions are: 

Aperitifs, happy moments, to relax on rooftops, by the pool, on your terrace, hanging out in the garden, after a long day at work. Clearly, it's not an exhaustive list. We look forward to adding to it with you.

Serving Temperature: 6-8°C
Grapes: 100% Glera
11,5% vol.
Sugar Residue: 13 gr/l
Bottle Pressure: 5,5 bars

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