Here you'll find answers to some questions regarding the Tasting Experiences

How does Booking a Tasting work?

We have a booking calendar (https://calendly.com/sfrisowineworld)  that you can use to book your tasting. We do not ask for pre-payment. You pay for your tasting at the winery. 

Once we receive your booking, we'll get in touch via email to make sure we offer you the best experience based on your needs.

Can we postpone our Picnic in case of bad weather?
Cancelling your Tasting
Are children welcome?
Are animals allowed?
On which days are the tastings available?
How long is a tasting?
What language will be spoken during the tasting?
Is it possible to pay with a credit or debit card?
Is it possible to purchase the wines after the tasting?
Can you ship wines to be delivered at my house?
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