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Sfriso Alter Ego Extra Brut

Sfriso Alter Ego Extra Brut

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Alter Ego is a reinterpretation of our long Charmat Prosecco. 

Alter Ego is a new expression of our Prosecco. It is a cuvèe Extra Brut with natural second refermentation in the bottle. 

After the disgorgement à la volée (see video), no additional sugar is added to the wine, making a Brut Nature or Zero Dosage sparkling wine. 

You may find sediments, also known as wine diamonds, at the bottom of the bottle, and that, too, is a sign of its natural refermentation. Those particles are a natural byproduct of wine. 

The best consumption occasions are: 
Pop an Alter Ego open for special moments of celebrations to remember. 

If you wish to pair it with food, Alter Ego matches well with fish-based first and main courses, with sushi, oysters, baked pasta with white sauces (cream and/or besciamella), fish broths, seafood pasta, shellfish, fatty fish, poultry, white meats.

Serving Temperature: 6-8°C
Grapes: 90% Glera and 10% Chardonnay
11,5% vol.
Sugar Residue: 0 gr/l
Bottle Pressure: 5,5 bars

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