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Full Tasting Experience

Full Tasting Experience

We want to connect people to the joy of wine and food from Veneto. This is the tasting experience that will bring joy to your senses!

In Italy, food is synonymous with conviviality, being together, and enjoying the time in good company around the table while drinking wine and enjoying food. This is what the Full Tasting Experience is about.

Each wine you'll taste will have a local food pairing so you can enjoy wine and food as we do it here in our region. 

Prepare to spend at least 4 hours while Pier walks you through 5 to 6 wine and food pairings. 

Minimum for 6 people.

Price: €45 per person payable at the Winery

When you book this experience, we will send you an email to make a personalized offer based on seasonality and any special requests you may have.

Please let us know about your food intolerances and preferences to offer you the best experience tailored to your needs.

Please indicate how many of you will be joining the tasting.

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