Launching The 6000 Project

Launching The 6000 Project

Over 100 days have passed since the 1st Coronavirus outbreaks were reported in Italy. It seems like ages ago. During these 100 days, we tried to entertain ourselves as much as possible, and many of you followed our stories and videos online. We are very grateful for that because it helped us during those dark days when we couldn’t see further than the next day.

The difficulties were many and never-ending, and now that the storm is passing, we looked around and found ourselves with a rather big problem. Our US importer’s distribution fell through thanks to Covid-19, and we are now left with a 1000-cases-of-wine problem to solve. That is 6000 bottles of unlabeled, unnamed Prosecco without a home to call their own.

2020 has wreaked havoc on so many of us. But, as a small, family-owned winery, we still have to figure out what to do with all this awesomeness. We can’t drink it all ourselves. Lord knows we’ve tried.

So we are opening it up to the creatives of the world.

We are asking them to design the front label. And get the word out so people pre-order cases of these 6000 bottles of Prosecco with a brand new label design. The more people buy, the higher the reward for the winning designer and the 2nd and 3rd runners-up. After all, this is a competition with a monetary prize. The voting will be online and open for everyone who wants to have a saying in the final choice. Of course, you are all invited to choose your favorite design as well.

We named the project “The 6000 Project,” and the design theme is simple:

Let your mind go free. Don’t think “wine world”. Think “your” world.
Design a Prosecco label you’d be proud to open with friends and family.
What’s inside is already extraordinary.


The competition will run on The 6000 Project website. For more information please head over there to read more about it!

It’s a test; it’s a first, it’s a trial because losing more money is not an option for a small winery like ours and letting Covid-19 win is totally out of the question. And, to be honest, we are all going to need bubbles to celebrate the end of 2020.



Also, please excuse us if we are launching The 6000 Project design competition in the middle of a pandemic and world-wide-protests for Black lives, equal rights, civil rights. We are very aware of the moment and of the energies and triggers people are feeling.

The truth is we started working on this project before BLM protests and we can’t stop it now, because we are time dependent on the success or failure of this project. If we don’t manage to sell a good portion of these 6000 bottles before this year’s harvest, we will be forced to not harvest this year. That will have a dramatic consequence in our winery business.

So instead of giving up, we try, and we hope that by looking ahead and by thinking of the celebrations at the end of this year can give everyone a sense of hope and joy.

This competition and the new label will not replace our “S” label, which continues to be our brand and label of choice. We continue to operate as usual with the extra hope to manage to find new homes for these 6000 bottles.

We hope to see you all very soon again and that you are all healthy and looking forward to the summer!

Reka & Pier

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