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Your Private Party At The Winery

We are here to make sure your party is one to remember!

Are you looking for a special place to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or for a special family gathering? We may be the place you are looking for!

"Wow! This place is paradise!" is what many visitors say when getting here. Not because it's fancy, but because it feels like being in a parallel world escaping from our hectic reality. 

When you arrive and look around, you can instantly imagine celebrating something with friends and family. Our winery's garden is a perfect place for a group gathering, garden party, or bbq party. 

We offer the space and wine (and music, sunbeds, bbq, plates, cutlery, glasses), and for the rest, such as food, we'll agree separately based on your needs. 

Price: is variable based on your needs.

Private events are fully private, which means the doors of our winery stay closed for anyone else. For this reason, we kindly ask you to book ahead. 

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