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Exotic Italian Cheese Gift Box

Exotic Italian Cheese Gift Box

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An exceptional taste discovery that will be hard to forget!

In Italy food is synonymous with conviviality, of being together, of being able to enjoy the time in good company around the table while drinking wine and enjoying food. 

This selection of cheeses includes precious ingredients and flavors that make Italy's food culture, one of the most important in the world. 

Truffles, herbs, and Aceto Balsamico IGP are some of the Italian ingredients that make not only Italian cuisine so special but also these cheeses in this gift box.

We recommend serving them with crackers or fresh bread and the three matching jams to make it a really exotic flavor experience.

This gift box includes:

  • Sottocenere Cheese with Truffle: This exotic cheese with delicate taste is best appreciated on its own or paired with a glass of Sparkling Wine or an Italian Barbera. (~300 gr)
  • Erborinato: A semi-soft blue cheese refined for 2 months with mint, verbena, chamomille (~300 gr)
  • Cheese with Aceto Balsamico: This cheese, after being pierced, is placed in vats and covered with IGP Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The flavor is aromatic, savory, pleasant, inviting and very particular. (~300 gr)
  • Jams to match with the cheese and to add to the flavor experience: Figs (50 gr), Red Onion (40 gr), Red Peppers (36 gr)


All products in this box are sourced from local Italian companies.

The products in this box are perishable and require express shipping to ensure the box arrives fresh and delicious. 

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