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Sfriso Prosecco Doc Extra Dry

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The long-Charmat method Prosecco that stands out for its elegance and taste.

Prosecco was the sparkling wine we were drinking when we first met back in 1995 at University in the Netherlands. Back then, we didn’t care about what we were drinking as long as it was making us happy. Fast forward a few years to 2002, and Prosecco was the primary fuel of our incredibly happy wedding day.

Today we produce our own Prosecco, and as with almost everything we do, this Prosecco is also unconventional. While others hurry to bottle their Prosecco, we take our time and offer a more refined Prosecco for you to enjoy. The bubbles are more delicate, the taste is fruitier, and the texture is more gentle because we chose to make it with the long-Charmat method, letting it in the fermentation tank for 10 months (instead of just 30 days).

Our Prosecco is fresh, elegant and it knows how to keep good company in every situation. It perfectly matches with appetizers, seafood, spicy food, but also with strawberries.

The best consumption occasions are: 

Aperitifs, happy moments, celebrations, on rooftops, by the pool, on your terrace, hanging out in the garden, after a long day at work, while cooking, when the pandemic is over! Clearly not an exhaustive list. We look forward to adding to it with you.

Serving Temperature: 6-8°C
Grapes: 100% Glera
11,5% vol.
Sugar Residue: 13 gr/l
Bottle Pressure: 5,5 bars


Please note that we ship a minimum of 6 bottles, so please make sure to purchase a minimum of 6 bottles even if they are mixed cartons.