Introducing Best of Veneto

Introducing Best of Veneto

Here in our little Sfriso Wine world, our single goal has always been to connect people to the joy of wine. Now, we want to share more about what makes our region an extraordinary place. We are here to introduce Best of Veneto.

We’ve spent years sharing our food, wine, and devotion with people from all over the world. Now, we want to share more of the Veneto region itself. We live in a special place that’s one of the most beautiful and visited regions in Europe.

It’s about the lifestyle

It’s not just Venice, the beaches, the mountains, or Verona that make it beautiful, but the people and the lifestyle. People here don’t just love wine—they love spending time with each other. Every glass of wine or bite of food is a chance to bring people together, take a break and slow down to enjoy life. It’s about what it means to be more human. We think that’s worth sharing. 

To make our dream come true, we’ve created Best of Veneto.

What is Best of Veneto 

Best of Veneto is an extension of our Sfriso Winery world, a journey into our culture, lifestyle, and taste. Consider it the destination where stories and products from Veneto, including lifestyle, culture, food, wine, and craftmanship reside.

We will share stories about local culture, food, wines, and heritage and make them come alive with products made by artisan producers. We are sourcing pasta, sauces, delicious aperitivo products, sweets, and wines produced by small artisans like us, with special care for quality and sustainability. All made in Veneto—and now available to you.

Our aim is to bring Veneto to you. We want to bring Veneto to life by exploring what it means to get together around the table, with wine, food, traditions, and friends.

Just like you do it here, at our winery.

If you want to learn more about Best of Veneto, please take a look at our website